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Aaron opened Amplify in 2003 and now, with decades of experience, is the technical expert leading audiovisual design and installation. With a knack for entertaining, great listening skills and out-of-the-box ideas, Aaron is a valuable asset to Amplify’s largest projects. Plus, people just like him! Maybe it’s his ability to ask targeted questions, accurately assess problems or deliver innovative solutions. Maybe it’s his charming tendency to laugh at his own jokes. Regardless, Aaron’s hardworking, straightforward, yet personable, approach is largely what has set the tone for the Amplify experience.

Always an entrepreneur, Aaron started his own DJ business while still in high school. He gained further experience with an audio engineering internship at a large record label. He holds an associate degree in marketing from Fox Valley Technical College and a master’s degree in audio engineering from Indiana Tech. He has certifications in AMX Control Systems and BSS Audio Processing. In his free time, Aaron amplifies his life by volunteering at his church and enjoying his family.

Allie Thiel